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PhD position: numerical modelling of rubber friction

The Albertini Lab at the University of Nottingham has an opening for a PhD student (home or international) in numerical modelling of rubber friction. The position is fully funded on a competitive basis with starting date 2023/2024.

Project background

We conduct research at the interface between mechanics, materials and scientific computing. Our research focusses on modelling the link between micro- to mesoscale properties of engineering and geophysical materials and their macroscale mechanical behaviour. The centre of our interests is on dynamic fracture, friction, earthquake source mechanics and granular material mechanics. We aim to provide a fundamental understanding of multi-scale and multi-physical mechanics of materials and develop predictive numerical tools for mechanical failure of materials and structures.

Job Description

This position is part of a joint project between the Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre and the Composites Research Group and focuses on understanding how a soft body slides again rigid one. Friction is what keeps your coffee mug in your hand as well as your car on the road. However, when considering friction between rigid and solid bodies (such as tyre road contact) there are many questions that remain to be answered. This PhD position will focus on analysis of experimental data and development of numerical modelling of frictional sliding between soft and rigid materials. The objective is to develop numerical models for friction of soft materials. This model will provide fundamental understanding on how frictional instabilities initiates and will shed light on experimental data from our collaborators at Harvard University.

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