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Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

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I work on fracture of materials, friction and earthquakes. I use a combination of numerical and theoretical models to gain better understanding of experimental observation. I also have experience on experimental fracture mechanics and friction. In these experiments, I measure motion and deformation of the material using Digital-Image-Correlation and Machine-Learning-based techniques.

I am Assistant Professor at the Faculy of Engineering at the University of Nottingham, UK. Previously, I was a Swiss National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University. I worked with Katia Bertoldi on tunable frictional surfaces. I also worked with Dave Weitz on the dynamics of extended fractures.

I received my PhD at Cornell University under the guidance of Dave Kammer and my dissertation is on Nucleation and Propagation of Fracture in Heterogeneous Materials.

I used numerical and theoretical models to uncover the physical mechanisms governing friction in a collaboration with Jay Fineberg and Ilya Svetlizky, who performed the experimental work.

I worked on an experimental project on fracture of multi-material 3D printed polymers with Laurent Ponson and Mathias Lebihain.

I collaborated with Ahmed Elbanna on the development of a new hybrid numerical method coupling Finite Elements and Boundary Elements.

I used theoretical and numerical models to study the stochastic properties of static friction in collaboration with Mircea Grigoriu.

I am working with Greg McLaskey and Chun-Yu Ke and use theoretical and numerical models to uncover the friction law of laboratory scale earthquakes performed on a 3m granite fault.